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February 9, 2021
winaldl_110a.exe Added a FAQ/Help tab,
Support for newer windows. ( Tested on Windows 10 )
Log files stored in "My documents" folder.
January 13, 2007
winaldl_109f.exe Increased the COM port range from 1-4 to 1-14.
August 19, 2003
winaldl_109e.exe Buggfix Bitorder reversed in log files.
Buggfix 1225550, 1226026 and 1227170. Status flag bytes mixed.
Juli 4, 2003
winaldl_109d.exe Buggfix 1227808 Activate BLM when in closed loop.
April 30, 2003
winaldl_109c.exe Buggfix 1227165 Errorcode texts.
Buggfix 1227808 Errorcode texts, BLM/INT not working.
Buggfix 1227808 Wrong calculation for Coolant temp and MAT.
Buggfix 1227148 Missing variables in sensor log
Buggfix 1227148 Wrong calculation for MAT.
February 5, 2003
- Buggfix Sensor log had a metic/US mixup for some ECM's.
Added one decimal to the TPS voltage value.
Added 'hot keys' to reduce the need for a mouse while changing displays.
Added a WinALDL icon.
August 13, 2002
- Added support for 16144288
July 31, 2002
- Buggfix Dash did not remember metric mode after restart.
Buggfix 1225550 Missing one delimiter in the log-file.
Buggfix 1228746 error codes and flags.
Buggfix 1227170 ADVANCE and EGRDC values did not change.
Buggfix 1227148 RETARD calculation wrong.
April 26, 2002
- Added support for 1226026
February 14, 2002
- Buggfix Some ECM's had metric and US mixed in sensor log.
Buggfix Wrong Temperature Conversions for 1227156 and 1226870.
February 8, 2002
- Buggfix The BLM and INT tabs did not work for a few ECM's.
Added support for 1227148
1986-88 3.8 V6 SFI '3' LG3
1986-87,1989,1991 3.8 V6 SFI turbo '7' LC2
1986-87 3.8 V6 SFI 'B' LG2 (exc. 'E' body)
Januari 22, 2002
- Added a "Dash" dialog with a few variables in large numbers.
January 21, 2002
- Buggfix sensor data Log was missing PROMID. All the following data was shifted one step to the left.
January 16, 2002
- Improved instocx.bat
New serial port timing (baudrate) for CLCC ECM's.
Misc fixes for CLCC ECM's.
December 19, 2001
- Added support for 1985 2.8 V6 MPI
Added support for 1986 2.8 V6 MPI
Added support for 1226870 (1985 TPI).
Added support for 1227165 (1986 TPI 160 baud only).
December 14, 2001
- Buggfix 1228746 use the same IAT calculation as 1227808.
December 12, 2001
- Added support for 1227170.
New "Are you sure?" dialog when terminating the program.
Buggfix 1227808 uses a new IAT calculation.
Buggfix Odd behavior on the [Esc] and [Enter] keys.
November 30, 2001
- Extended the RPM range on all tables to 6400 RPM.
The INT / BLM / O2 tables have some new data modes to select from.
All the different INT / BLM / O2 modes are saved to the same file. No need to step thru all the different modes and save each of them separatly.
1.02b Beta
November 23, 2001
- Buggfix Log dialog did not show on all windows installations.
1.02a Beta
November 21, 2001
- New configuration dialog - no more editing in the INI file.
New configurarion, TPS percentage range.
New data logging with dialog.
The 1227808 data is updated.
Buggfix New MAT calulation.
1.01b Beta
November 14, 2001
- Buggfix Sometimes the INT / BLM / O2 tabs would stop updating when switching from Spark tab. (if high RPM / high MAP)
Changed the TPS percentage range ( -13.3% to +110% ) to put 0% at 0.54Volts and 100% at 4.60Volts. The range can be changed in the configuration file WINALDL.INI
1.01a Beta
November 8, 2001
- Spark table show actual knocks detected, not no of samples when knock(s) was detected.
Added highlight of active cell in tables
If the no of bytes is not correct in the sample then only the raw data table is updated. This is to avoid garbage in other tables.
Added 'heart beat' indication with no of bytes received. It is allways visible at the top of the window. The background flashes whenever a new sample is received. A short green flash indicates good data. A short red flash indicates missing bytes in data.
Change O2 table data to three decimal values
More flag data for 1227808
1.00b Beta
November 2, 2001
- Buggfix CLCC uses different Coolant Temperature Conversions.
Buggfix Min selection for the sensor data tab.
1.00a Beta
October 17, 2001
- Buggfix for average values in tables
1226026 and 1226430 was not correct, so I removed them for now.
1225610 and 1225570 was added. They use the same data as 1225550.
Added support for 1984 - 1986 CLCC ECM's
Changed the O2 table to show Voltage instead of raw data.
Inceased number of rows on the raw data table.
Added Max / Min selection for the sensor data tab.
Changed extension on saved files to .TXT
0.99a Beta
October 11, 2001
- Added support for 1227808. Removed 'Spark Counts' Tab when not used.
0.98b Beta
October 10, 2001
- Buggfix when calculating TPS Volt and TPS %.
0.98 Beta
October 8, 2001
- Added 100 kPa column for INT, BLM and O2 tables.
0.97 Beta
October 6, 2001
- Added support for 1225550 and 1228746.
0.96 Beta
October 4, 2001

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